For basic flip-flops, visit Target or Old Navy.

For floss and embellishments, try trusty Jo-Anne’s.


Put Some Summer Fun on Your Feet

by Laura

Here in Rochester the summer months are precious. Warm weather can be fleeting, and residents learn to take advantage of fun summer days as fully as humanly possible. These flip-flops instantly make any outfit more summery, and even on a rainy September day, they will surely brighten your mood.


DMC embroidery floss in whatever colors tickle your fancy; one skein of each color is usually sufficient.

Plain, cheap-o flip-flops. They have to be the kind with the nub on the bottom where the toe shank and side bits attach to the shoe base.

I found mine at Target for $2.99. They came in pink, blue, green, red, black, purple, yellow, and white. I chose white to compliment my yellow floss.

A large-eyed, hefty tapestry needle.

Beads, small ribbon flowers, charms, or other trinkety items to attach to the top of the toe shank.


1. Choose the color of floss you’d like to start with. For mine, I began with the lightest of the three shades I chose. Unwrap the whole skein and cut it in half.

2. Push the toe shank of the first shoe through the base until the little nub sticks out. Fold one of the strands in half and wrap the folded end around the shoe’s nub. Tie a few knots around the nub to secure the floss, then thread through the tapestry needle.

3. Push the tapestry needle up through the nub’s hole and pull the shank back into place.

4. Start wrapping both strands around the toe shank, not overlapping and not allowing the strands to twist—this will keep the floss flat and give you the most coverage.

5. When you reach the Y in the shank, split the two threads and start wrapping one around one of the side pieces. Again, be sure to keep the strand from twisting, and don’t overlap.

6. When you’ve wrapped enough of the first color for your taste, tie the next color on with a knot, making sure the knot will sit on the underside of the piece. Continue wrapping, and make sure that, as you wrap the second color, you cover the knot and the tail ends of the floss.

If the ends are particularly long, you can snip them down after you’ve covered a sufficient length.

7. Continue in the same manner until you’ve wrapped enough of the second color, then add the third color as before. Continue with as many colors as you’d like.

8. Wrap the last color as close to the end of the side piece as possible. When you get to the side nub, again thread the tapestry needle and pull the floss through to the bottom of the shoe. Push the nub out a bit as in the first step, and split the strand of floss into two sets of three threads. Wrap the pieces around the nub, tying and knotting to secure them.

9. When the ends are secure, snip them short enough to fit under the nub when it is set back into the shoe.

10. Repeat on the other side piece.

11. When the wrapping is complete, glue your trinket/flower/beads to the top of the toe shank with the super strength glue, covering the unwrapped part of the Y.

12. Repeat on second shoe.

These flip-flops are a perfect craft in my opinion: they’re easy, inexpensive, and have unlimited possibilities. Instead of embroidery floss, try grosgrain ribbon or colored raffia. After making these, I plan on making a pair to match every outfit this summer.



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