Craftygal Reborn

by Jan

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, spring crocuses peeping up out of gray sludgy snow banks, or 80's pop stars reviving their careers through the miracle of reality TV, the Craftygals are dusting off the cobwebs of their clubhouse so they can get back to work and bring you a fresh as new green grass issue of crafty fun.

In case you were wondering what happened to us, Christy's been hard at work planning the wedding of her dreams to her beloved Michael. We wish them both all happiness! And I've been busy as a new mom to my little cutie, Calvin. We've been aching to get back to Craftygal, and we're happy to report that two new gals have joined the fold: Laura and Angie. The more, the craftier, we always say.

Our new issue is a celebration of rebirth! Christy wishes Rochester's fabulous Public Market a happy 100 th birthday with her tale of our visit in Travels. Singer/Songwriter Christine Lavin, a lady who is always looking for a new creative endeavor, was kind enough to stop by our Porch. Laura shows us how to breathe new life into tired old flip-flops at the Table. Angie adds a little punch to your next social gathering in the Fridge. And I'm on the Stump sharing the tale of my journey out of craft hibernation.

We'll be back again soon with more crafty goodness!

Jan and the Craftygal Crew


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