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> Christy's picks

Patternworks has become one of my favorite sites to browse and shop at. After selecting my first sweater project (with two scarves under my belt), I wanted to find the exact yarn used in the project. I visited several stores, and kept coming up empty-handed. A quick search online yielded Patternworks, and I’m now hooked. Their site is easy-to-use, and their selection is remarkable--find yarn galore, patterns, books, needles, kits, and software. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Not only does U2.com have up-to-the-minute news about all things U2--the best band in the world, but they present it in such a fantastic way. If your U2.com experience is at all lacking, visit the message boards at Interference.com to see what the buzz is among the fans.

IMDB.com (stands for Internet Movie DataBase) offers a wealth of information on the movie/television community. I must go there at least three or four times a week to check out where I know that one actor from, you know… that one in that movie with that guy and that girl in it! Search by name, movie title, plot, character name, or quote. When you know you’ve seen the lead singer of the band in the dance scene in Better Off Dead, but just can’t place her, IMDB will jog your memory, "Oh yeah, she was Dottie in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure."

My list wouldn’t be complete, as the fashion crafter, without a link to Vogue.com. I love taking a couple hours and heading to the Fashion Shows page. Here, you can select a designer from the drop-down list, read a synopsis of their latest show, and then check out all the photos. It’s a great way to get ideas for fashion crafting projects. Find a look you like and then go out and replicate it!


> Jan's picks

RUAWAKE.com is a wake-up-call column of opinions, questions, answers, frustrations, fascinations, criticisms and celebrations. In other words, a fabulous forum for the humorous philosophications on life.

Blue Jean Online is written and produced by young women from around the world! This site is a creative space for young women ages 14-22 to submit their writings, artwork, photography, crafts and other works for online publication to a worldwide audience. Blue Jean Online--what young women are thinking, saying, and doing everywhere.

Find recipes that put the fun back into cooking while creating healthy meals, connect with other would-be chefs, and share your own recipes all in the Bitchin' Kitchen.

Hodge Podge brings articles on feminism, craftiness, travel, food, and more together, with a focus on international girl culture. Hodgepodge aims to give a voice to a wider range of individuals, in the process bridging gaps in communication across cultural, gender, and age divides.

For funky Chicano folk art, craft ideas, and celebrity interviews, visit Chicano Folk Art, the online home of Crafty Chica extraordinaire, Kathy Murillo.


> Taryn's picks


Listology is a great place for people obsessed with movies, books, and music to create personal lists and enter discussions with others of like mind. Beware, this site can be addictive!

Have you ever wished there were a community of people all devoted to the fine art of making compilation tapes and CDs? Well that's what you'll find at Art of the Mix. You can submit your own song lists, browse the 20,000 or so mixes already posted, or join a conversation about the subtle nuances of making a mix on the discussion forum.

Do you love to listen in on strangers' conversations? Well, so does "Eve S. Dropper" at In Passing. In fact, she's been logging the comments of passersby for a couple of years now. She also sometimes jots down striking bits of graffiti and other scenes of note--everybody needs a hobby, right?

I gotta give props to Chez Snarko! This "homespun zine" has the goods on everything from web design to sex toys to experimental fashion. And if you think you change your hair color/style a lot--this spunky gal will make you feel much better.

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It would've been a terrible shame if BUST magazine had gone under. But fortunately, the mag is on its way back and we still have the fabulous BUST.com website, where you can chat on the message boards about feminism, culture, and relationships, buy great items at the Boobtique, or surf the Girl Wide Web section that links to over 3,500 sister sites!

Fancy Deluxe

Fancy Deluxe is a portfolio and store in one--for those with an appreciation for art, those with an appreciation for buying art, and mostly those with a sense of humor. Featuring art clothing, furniture, accessories and more.

If you're into home décor adorned with ladies from vintage clothing patterns, cool purses, journals, and even guitar straps, then Sparkle Craft is the place for you. It's also a consignment shop and will sell your crafts as well. Check it out!

Naughty Secretary Club

Naughty Secretary Club is filling a niche, and that niche is the "web zine for aging riot grrrls who now have subscriptions to Martha Stewart, but still make it out to see Indie bands play." Sounds good, no? Here you'll find tons of music reviews, tips on crafts, cooking, fashion, and more!

The folks at Unique Projects have a fabulous philosophy: they aim to be "an antidote to the disturbing trend toward consumerism, homogeneity and personal detachment." What's even more fabulous is that they have a long and sortable list of craft projects with great photos and instructions, most which can be made for under $20!

Do you have your copy of the Crafters' Internet Handbook: Research, Connect, and Sell your Crafts Online? Well Crafters' Internet, the book's companion site, is a great resource as well--with over 1,000 links and a discussion list to boot.

Craftersnet is a comprehensive arts & crafts directory through which crafters can locate resources, supplies and outlets. Hope you have some time, cuz there's a lot to soak in!

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